OH Leuven - Anderlecht 0-4

FRIDAY, 11 JULY 2003, 00:01 - Newssystem
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The game started at 7pm. Last year, the score was 2-2.
Anderlecht started the game well and Aruna was the most dangerous player. The defence of Leuven was always running behind the Ivorian player. Also new winger Wilhelmsson played a good match.

There were not much chances in the beginning: a goal for Leuven was dismissed but Seol could unexpectedly open the score after a fast attack from the left. Ten minutes later, Aruna could control a pass from Baseggio, and he passed to Wilhelmsson who could tick the ball in the open goal.

The second half began slow, but when Zetterberg came in, Anderlecht played faster and better. But for goals, we had to wait until yhe last quarter. It was Aruna, again, who made the action and after a 1-2 with Seol he could score. In the 85', Iachtchouk scored the fourth goal for Anderlecht. That was the final result: 0-4.

Substitutions: 27' Ilic for De Boeck, 46' Nijs, Maes W., Lanvu, Steeno and Defrère for Berghmans, Goethuys, Vande Gucht, De Voeght and Vergeylen, 46' Hendrikx for Zewlakow, 58' Zetterberg and Iachtchouk for Lovre and Kolar, 63' Simaeys and Maes S. for Vandeput and Hermans, 65' Hasi for Baseggio, 78' Spreutels and Lefevre for Labie and Monziba.

Goals: 17' Seol (0-1), 28' Wilhelmsson (0-2), 81' Dindane (0-3), 85' Iachtchouk (0-4)
Attendance: 4500

Oud-Heverlee Leuven: Berghmans, Debroux, Axford, Goethuys, Vandeput, Hermans, Labie, Monziba, VandeGucht, De Voeght and Vergeylen.
Reserves: Maes, Lanvu, Steeno, Simaeys, Deconinck, Maes and Lefevre.<

RSC Anderlecht: Zitka, Deschacht, De Boeck, Zewlakow, Lovre, Baseggio, Kolar, Wilhelmsson, Seol, Dindane and Tihinen
Reserves: Van Steenberghe, Ilic, Hendrikx, Hasi, Zetterberg and Iachtchouk.

Referee: Styn Hutsebaut

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