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THURSDAY, 27 JUNE 2002, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht came together for the first time this season. The players got their new outfit from the sponsor Adidas and the new medical staff was introduced.
It's still possibly that Zetterberg and the Czech Kolousek are coming.

Besides them, Kolar from Bohemians Prague is coming to RSCA for a week for testing.
The internationals De Boeck, Vanderhaeghe and Seol are getting a deserved vacation and are expected to rejoin the group in 2 weeks.
Yesterday, the 37 players were divided into an A-squad and a B-squad. With the 14 B-squad players are some names that catch the eye like Iachtchouk, Karaca, Macdonald, Pirard, Oyen, Pavlovic and Thompson. Alin Stoica has no place in the A- or B-squad.
The medical staff has been seriously changed comparing to the previous season. Professor De Meirleir (physician) of the University of Brussels will supervise along with doctor Huylebroek (orthopedian specialist). Doctor Edelman and Groeneweghen will stay in the club and will perform their tasks like last year. David Geraerts will be the new physical trainer.

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