RSCA - La Louvière 1-0

SATURDAY, 17 MAY 2003, 00:01 - Newssystem
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For the last time in front of its public, Anderlecht should not face too much difficulties. La Louvière will have dificulties to win because the Mauves are in form like never since the beginning of the season.

Zewlakow will start in the position which it should normally occupy next season.
Jestrovic can score in the 19th minute with a penalty. The Serb registers its 20th goal of the season. The Brussels' teams is far from being brilliant.
Anderlecht were satisfied with a goal of Jestrovic on penalty, but they hardly were brilliant...

Goals : 19' Nenad Jestrovic

Aruna Dindane, Nenad Jestrovic, Walter Baseggio, Besnik Hasi (68' Ki Hyeon Seol), Martin Kolar (68' Ivica Mornar), Goran Lovré, Olivier Deschacht, Olivier Doll, Aleksandar Ilic, Michal Zewlakow (75' Bertrand Crasson), Daniel Zitka

La Louvière
Mannaseh Ishiaku (46' Emmanuel Kenmogne), Peter Odemwingie, Davy Cooreman, Olivier Guilmot (75' Benjamin Rogerio De Oliviera),Georges Arts, Michael Klukowski, Thierry Siquet, Jan Van Steenberghe, Domenico Olivieri, Didier Ernst, Alan Haydock

Yellow : /
Red : /
Referee : Vervecken

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