RSCA - Standard : 2-1

SUNDAY, 13 APRIL 2003, 00:01 - Newssystem
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The first quarter of the game was balanced , but Anderlecht made a goal thanks to the beautiful collective work.

Standard will have to attack if they would like to score but RSCA kept on controlling the game
After a new goal of Anderlecht, the game came to an end. But in the last minute, Standard scored.
The victory is was deserved, Standard didn't play very well, while RSCA played with a team. After this new successes, Anderlecht recovers the second place of the rankings.

RSC Anderlecht: Zitka, Doll, De Boeck (88' Zewlakow), Ilic, Deschacht, Lovré, Hasi, Baseggio, Kolar (69' Seol), Aruna, Jestrovic

Standard: Carini, Dimvula, Turaci, Okpara (69' Johan Walem), Vandooren, Söderström, Walasiak (X), Oussalah, Meyssen, Moreira (76' Goossens), Aarst

Goals: 34' Lovre 1-0 ; 60' Jestrovic ; 92' Vandooren 2-1
Yellow: 14' Baseggio ; 28' Walasiak ; 70' Hasi
Red: 57' Turaci
Referee: Allaerts

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