RSCA win, Seol scores

THURSDAY, 9 JANUARY 2003, 00:01 - Newssystem
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Anderlecht is currently in Spain on a trainings camp. Yesterday they played a friendly game against FC Cadiz, leader of the Spanish Third Division.
Anderlecht swapped in total 9 times and won the the game with 4-1.

Seol made the first goal after a pass of Bertrand Crasson. After the equaliser of Milojevic, Mornar doubled the score for Anderlecht. During the break Anderlecht changed many players including Seol and Baseggio.
After the pause, Anderlecht made it even 3-1 through the young Lovré. De Bilde scored 4-1 on penalty. Tomorrow Anderlecht play a friendly match against Mainz.
Line up: Milojevic (45' Peersman), Crasson (45' Hendrikx), De Boeck (45' Ngalula), Ilic (45' Traoré), Deschacht, Vanderhaeghe (45' Hasi), Lovré, Baseggio (45' De Bilde), Mornar (45' Mac Donald), Jestrovic (45' Dindane), Seol (45' Kolar)

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