Failure not an option according to Van Holsbeeck

WEDNESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2007, 14:01 - andy
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Last weekend's draw has created a minor crisis at the club. Players were pointing fingers at eachother and fans were fed up with the coach. All this with a crucial game against Rapid Wien ahead. Van Holsbeeck explains.

"There is always a tense atmosphere at this club, now there is just a little more. For 75 minutes our general repetition for the Rapid Wien game went excellent but in the last 15 minutes we gave it away. That generated some frustration," said the manager.

"The chairman realises that Thursday's game against Rapid Wien is of the utmost importance. If we wouldn't beat Rapid, we'd disappear from the European scene. Failure, in other words, is not an option."

Van Holsbeeck also reacted to the growing criticism aimed at coach Vercauteren. "The coach is always the first target for criticism. As usual we will protect him. On the other hand, he does know the importance of the game against Rapid Wien."

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