Reactions after RSCA - Lyon

WEDNESDAY, 26 NOVEMBER 2003, 09:59 - Bacardiboy
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After the match there were only happy reactions on the Anderlecht side. Lyon agreed that they had only played well for 20 minutes and that the Mauves deserved the victory.

* Hannu Tihinen: "I felt bad after that first missed chance, but I never miss two chances like that! We wanted to show the public that Anderlecht still can play well. You see that it's easier to play home with such a public. Hopefully we can play as good as today against Munich."

* Man of the match Ivica Mornar: "Of course I like to score as a striker, but I played a good match, didn't I? Then I feel good and if the team plays good, it's even better. In half time we knew that we were playing well, and we just had to wait for the goal."

* Coach Hugo Broos: "It was important that the 3 defenders also played if we had ball possession. It worked out, because Lyon clearly had difficulties with it. We proved that Anderlecht have certain qualities, though we can't keep that up for an entire campaign. Speaking about Zetterberg, I saw that Lyon always placed a player close to him. So we had more space on another place."

* Olivier Deschacht: "Unbelievable! Terrific match. In the first match we gave away some matches, but after the break we didn't give away any space. It certainly good that we could score without Aruna. Though even I had scored that chance (laughs)."

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