Formation for RSCA-Lyon

MONDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2003, 20:01 - Bacardiboy
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MacDonald made a mistake Monday about the training hour and is sent away out of the team. Iachtchouk will replace him. Aruna is suspended. If Hasi, Hendrikx, Zewlakow and/or Reveillère (Lyon) get yellow, they are also suspended.

Kick off: 8.45 pm
Referee: Messian (Ita)

Anderlecht: Zitka, Zewlakow, Tihinen, Kompany, Deschacht, Hendrikx, Baseggio, Hasi, Zetterberg, Wilhelmsson, Mornar
Lyon: Puydebois, Reveillère, Edmilson, Müller, Berthod, Diarra, Juninho, Govou, Malouda (?), Luyindula, Elber

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