Anderlecht beat Brugge: 0-2

SUNDAY, 26 MARCH 2006, 14:59 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht have defeated Club Brugge with 0-2. Nicolas Frutos scored both goals for the Mauves. One after 8 minutes and one 5 minutes before the end. This way, Brugge are knocked out of the race for the title.

Anderlecht started well and chased every ball. Brugge couldn't control the midfield and had to undergo the game. The first real chance was immediatly good for a goal. Vermant headed the ball in Frutos' feet and he scored the 0-1 after 8 minutes of play.

The Mauves kept the pace high and Brugge seemed to be impressed, resulting in bad passes. That way, Anderlecht had a few chances to increase the lead.

Slowly the pace dropped and Brugge controlled the game. After their first chance, the Mauves tried to control the midfield again. This way, the score at half time was 0-1.

In the second half, Brugge had a few good chances through Verheyen to equalise: twice with a header, but they missed the post for inches.

On the other side, Serhat and Zetterberg could have doubled the lead for the Mauves. When Frutos was brought down in the box by goalkeeper Stijnen, the Brussels' team deserved a penalty but didn't get it. A few minutes before the end of the game, Frutos scored his second goal of the evening and hereby taking away all doubts: 0-2 and game over!

Goals: 9' and 85' Frutos 0-1 and 0-2

Club Brugge: Stijnen, Vanaudenaerde (75' Balaban), Maertens, Clement, Klukowski, Vermant, Englebert, Leko (61' Roelandts), Verheyen, Portillo (46' Dufer), Ishiaku

RSC Anderlecht: Proto, Zewlakow, Tihinen, De Man, Deschacht, Vanderhaeghe, Goor, Wilhelmsson, Zetterberg (79' Traoré), Serhat (62' Vanden Borre), Frutos (90' Mpenza)

Yellow cards: Vermant (C); Deschacht, Vanderhaeghe, Frutos (A)
Red cards: /
Attendance: 28.200
Referee: Ver Eecke

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