Close victory for Anderlecht: 0-1

SATURDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2006, 22:08 - Bacardiboy
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Despite Anderlecht not playing their best game, and a strong playing opponent, the Mauves have managed to obtain the victory tonight. They beat Mouscron with 0-1. The only goal of the game was scored by Nicolas Frutos.

Goal: 59' Frutos 0-1

Mouscron: Luzi, Besengez, Charlet, Hatchi, Giba (55' Siljak), Dugardein, Grondin, Noukeu, Sanchez (70' Dorothée), Dimbala, Zewlakow
Anderlecht: Proto, Deschacht, Deman, Tihinen, Zewlakow, Goor, Zetterberg (85' Iachtchouk), Vanderhaeghe, Wilhelmsson (90' Delorge), Serhat (64' Juhasz), Frutos

Yellow cards: Hatchi, Noukeu (M); Tihinen (A)
Red cards: none
Referee: Verbist
Attendance: 10.000

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