Anderlecht humiliated by GBA: crisis !

FRIDAY, 27 JANUARY 2006, 23:39 - Skyhawk
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Manager Van Holsbeeck said last week: "If we don't beat GBA, we're in crisis." If we have to believe him, Anderlecht are in crisis now after the 2-0 defeat. Only one word can summerize the game of the Mauves: weak !

Trainer Vercauteren doesn't seem to learn: he changed his team and tactics again which maked the team unbalanced and incoherent. This time, Mitu and Pujol were in the starting line-up.

Anderlecht dominated the first 20 minutes, but couldn't create a single chance. GBA had a few chances and scored after 26 minutes through Cavens. Luckily, Anderlecht had Proto to prevent worse.

The only decent chances for the Mauves was for Pujol early in the second half. His effort ended on the upright. The team tried to push forward, but the last pass never reached the strikers. Slowly, the offensive died and GBA came back in the game.

Vercauteren reacted by bringing in Mpenza and Serhat for Pujol and Juhasz, but with no effect. It were GBA that had the best chances. After missing a few good occassions, Cavens finally doubled the score for the team from Antwerp.

Anderlecht got what it was looking for: a serious beating. Playing like this, even the 3rd place will be hard to hold...

Goals: 26' et 85' Cavens 1-0 et 2-0

G.Beerschot: Luciano, Van der Weerden, Lolo, De Roeck, Van Dooren, Monteyne, De Decker, Dickson, Messoudi (83'Cruz), Cavens (87' Cvitanovic), Dosunmu (75' Victor)

Anderlecht: Proto, Zewlakow, Kompany, Juhasz (70' Serhat), Deschacht, Goor, Mitu, De Man (82' Zetterberg), Wilhelmsson, Pujol (63' Mpenza), Frutos

Yellow cards: 58' Mitu, 92' Frutos
Red cards: /
Referee: Bourdouxhe

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