Weak Anderlecht defeated in Standard

WEDNESDAY, 14 DECEMBER 2005, 22:26 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht have again failed to win a top match. This time, Standard were too strong. The Rouches defeated Anderlecht with 2-0 and are back on top of the table. The Mauves have the same amount of points though.

Standard were clearly the better side in the first half. They created three good chances. First, Moreira missed an open chance, but he scored out of his second opportunity: 1-0 (after 15 minutes). Later on, a hard shot from Léonard came back in play when it hit the post.

Anderlecht could restore the balance in the game after half an hour of play. The Mauves could create one open chance, but Vanden Borre's effort died on the post.

In the second half, the visitors tried to turn the tide. They pushed forward, but Standard could easily hold the nill. The best chances were for Tihinen and Goor. It was clear that Anderlecht's play lacked efficiency, with a lot of bad passes and a low pace. The wings were not fully used and the strikers not reached.

Standard counter-attacked sharply and created about five open chances, but they were all missed. However they doubled the lead on a corner kick, when the injured Juhasz made an own-goal.

With still 25 minutes to play, Anderlecht had still time to react, but they couldn't. That way, the game ended on a 2-0 victory for the home team, bringing them back to the top of the table.

Goals: 15' Moreira 1-0, 60' Juhasz 2-0 (own)

Standard: Runje, Léonard, Beda, Onyewu, Deflandre, Rapaic (85' Niculae), Negouai, Geraerts, Moreira (93' Wamberto), Conceiçao, Tchité
Anderlecht: Proto, Zewlakow, Tihinen, Kompany, Juhasz (61' De Man), Vanden Borre, Goor, Zetterberg, Wilhelmsson, Iachtchouk (75' Jestrovic), Mpenza

Red cards: none
Attendance: 26.000
Referee: Ver Eecke

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