Anderlecht win in last Champions League game

TUESDAY, 6 DECEMBER 2005, 23:06 - Skyhawk
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RSC Anderlecht, playing with a B-team, have finally broken their tragic losing streak in the Champions League. After 12 successive defeats, the Mauves defeated Real Betis with 0-1 thanks to a goal of Vincent Kompany.

Anderlecht started the best and had a few good chances through Iachtchouk. Each time, it was Walter Baseggio who sent good centers. Pujol could have launched Iachtchouk for the opener against only one defender, but he lost the ball.

Slowly, Betis restored the balance in the game, but Anderlecht finally played as a team and held the Spanish strikers away from the goal. Especially the young Tioté made a good impression.

Anderlecht counter-attacked now and then and scored this way. Kompany broke through on the right wing, scored from a sharp angle after 44 minutes and made himself match winner: 0-1!

In the second half, Betis sent more offensive wingers into play. That way, the Spanish side could put more pressure on the Belgian defense. Though Anderlecht stayed concentrated.

The best chance was for Anderlecht striker Pujol. Iachtchouk opened for the French striker who was clear from the defenders, but the keeper saved.
Betis launched a counter attack, but Zitka held the nill. That way, the game ended on 0-1.

RESULT: 0-1 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Goal: 44' Kompany 0-1

Betis: Doblas, Oscar Lopez, Lembo, Rivas, Castellini, Israel (46' Xisco), Rivera, Capi, Juande (71' Assunçao), Juanlu (46' Joaquin), Fernand
Anderlecht: Zitka, Delorge, Kompany, Juhasz, Deschacht, Lovre (69' Tihinen), Tioté (84' Zetterberg), Goor, Baseggio (69' Zewlakow), Iachtchouk, Pujol

Red cards: none
Stadium: Estadio Ruiz De Lopera
Referee: Ceferin (Svn)

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