Jestrovic's red card sets the country on fire

THURSDAY, 3 NOVEMBER 2005, 21:18 - Laurent
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The racist insult, "Fuck you, Black", that Anderlecht striker Jestrovic said to Liverpool defender Sissoko has set our country in fire.

Was that an isolated act? "No, it was not", replied Kompany. "When I was young, I also suffered a lot from racist acts".

"I hope that Jestrovic's behaviour will serve as an example", said GBA player Dixon.

"If some players show a racist behaviour, I always go and tell it to the referee. I think that know about it but they hardly take a decision. I am delighted that Nielsen gave a red card to Jestrovic even if I have never had any bad story with him. Such a decision should make things better".

In England and in Italy, a few stars have started a campaign against racism. "This has been working out very well", says Dixon. Also in the Netherlands, some ations have been taken against racism and some match have already been played in an empty stadium. Racism has obviously decreased over the last few years.

In the meantime, the Centre for the Equality of Chances and the Struggle against Racims has declared that Jestrovic's beahviour was an instance of racism but that there would be no complaint because the player is already punished by his club.

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