Anderlecht-Mouscron: 3-1

SUNDAY, 11 SEPTEMBER 2005, 00:40 - Skyhawk
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Anderlecht have beaten Mouscron with a 3-1 score. A clear victory, but without playing well. Maybe the heavy rainfal over Brussels had something to do with that. Serhat was able to play a few minutes and seems ready for Chelsea.

Anderlecht dominated the first 20 minutes. When Mouscron restored the balance in the game, the Mauves struck a first time. Goor passed to Jestrovic, who turned himself clear from the defenders and scored: 1-0.

Mouscron equalised short before the break. Tailson scored with a shot from 16 meter that went between Deschacht's legs in goal.

Anderlecht controled the game in the second half. Though Mouscron had the best chance, but Zitka prevented another goal. One minute later, Jestrovic netted his second on a long center. Mouscron tried to turn the tide and Anderlecht fell back on their defense. Shortly before the end, Mpenza made it 3-1. Before, Goor had already missed a great chance.

SCORE: 3-1

Goals: 37' Jestrovic 1-0, 40' Tailson 1-1, 52' Jestrovic 2-1, 90' Mpenza 3-1

Anderlecht: Zitka, Zewlakow, Kompany (78' Hasi), Deschacht, Tihinen, Vanderhaeghe, Goor, Wilhelmsson, Zetterberg (70' De Man), Jestrovic (88' Serhat), Mpenza
Mouscron: Luzi, Grimaldi, Hatchi (64' Charlet), Toyes, Dugardein, Fellahi, Noukeu, Oussalah, Custovic (83' Dorothee), Tailson (81' Siljak), Grondin

Yellow cards: Grimaldi, Noukeu, Oussalah, Grondin

Attendance: 23.367
Referee: Allaerts

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