Reactions from Chelsea, Liverpool and Betis

FRIDAY, 26 AUGUST 2005, 16:47 - D.A.B.
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After the draw for the group stage of the Champions League, some reactions of Chelsea, Liverpool and Betis Sevilla came in. The three clubs agree that this group is probably the strongest of the whole CL.

Chelsea: "This is the toughest draw possible! Not because of Liverpool though. You always meet a strong club from pot 1, but because of Anderlecht and Betis. Anderlecht have a lot of European experience and they have a great tradition. Betis are in the Champions League for the first time, but they play at a high level in the Spanish league. So this group is far from ideal for us."
Chelsea never met Anderlecht before. They played against Brugge twice and lost twice. So they never won on Belgian soil.

Liverpool: "The game against Anderlecht brings back many memories. We met the Mauves in 1964 when we played in our all red jersey for the first time." The reds won the double confrontation back then with 3-0 in England and 0-1 in Brussels.

Betis Sevilla: "We are realistic when we say that our chances are rather limited. Though we believe in our own streingth. We are not intimidated by our opponents and we'll try to win as much games as possible."
Also the players of Sevilla react this way.
Juanito: "This is the group of death, the group of the champions. We'll try to do as good as possible."
Miguel Àngel: "I'm convinced that we'll qualify for the next round, though every game will be hard", it sounded combatively.

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