6-0 victory: reaction by Bart Goor

SUNDAY, 7 AUGUST 2005, 13:03 - Bacardiboy
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After the tremendous 6-0 victory against La Louvière, Bart Goor gave a reaction. "This is a great result. For the players and for the fans. This is the way Anderlecht have to play."

"We have to keep the ball in the team and create many chances. That's the only way we can score, we saw that today."

"Jestrovic was unlucky. He really wanted to score, and that's why it didn't work out for him. But the terrific performance of our team is more important. It was an easy game, but that is also because we were so strong. The difference with Baku? We made the game hear. Also the trip wasn't easy, the heat, the 5-0 result in the first match and we were already thinking about this game. And ofcourse, everybody is afraid of injuries."

"We will have to proove now that we can win away games too. We have to go for it, at 100%"

About Serhat Akin was Goor very clear: "He was eager to play. He needed some adaptation, but he has many skills. He really is a player for Anderlecht."

"It will be different against Slavia Prague. It will be a tough match there, because Slavia have many skills. We will have to play strong for 90 minutes. If we play well at home, it will be more easy in Prague."

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