Baseggio to Cagliari?

SATURDAY, 6 AUGUST 2005, 22:01 - Bacardiboy
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There is a chance that midfielder Walter Baseggio will make a move to the Italian team Cagliari. They are eager to land the strong midfielder, and Baseggio is also interested in a transfer to Italy.

"Among three teams from Italy show interest for me", says Baseggio. "Cagliari is one of those teams. It would be an honour to go to that team. I would play together with Gianfranco Zola. He is like a god to me", stated the midfielder.

"I have seen it all in Anderlecht. I've played different times in the Champions League. I am ready for an Italian adventure. But I can't do anything at this moment. Both teams have to reach an agreement now", Baseggio states.

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