Proto in the goal?

SATURDAY, 6 AUGUST 2005, 11:27 - Bacardiboy
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Franky Vercauteren wasn't sure yet if Silvio Proto will sit on the bench against La Louvière, or not. "We have to give him some time do get used to Anderlecht. But he is doing well, I believe."

"I talked to him for a long time in Baku. Now he knows that he doesn't need to ask any questions."

Proto also accepted the explanation. "It probably was better that I didn't play against Baku. But it's normal that I was disappointed. Still, I haven't regret for a single moment that I moved to Anderlecht. I know here many Red Devils, and they help me to adapt as soon as possible. In the plane I was sitting apart, but I only wanted to sleep a bit. I received some criticism after Southampton, but I don't think I have made a serious mistake there."

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