Interview with Vercauteren and Ceulemans

THURSDAY, 4 AUGUST 2005, 18:52 - Bacardiboy
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Tomorrow, Club Bruges are starting the season against Mouscron. It will be a very exciting season again, with two strong teams: Bruges and Anderlecht. Here is an interview with the coaches of both teams.

Anderlecht are the favorites for the title this season. Franky Vercauteren knows why: "The year after winning the title isn't easy. So that is the advantage of Anderlecht."

"I hope the new players want to proove that they are even better than the players who left", says Ceulemans. "And they have to let go off Sollied's system."

Can Ceulemans make Sollied forget? "Why are people always talking about Sollied?", he replies. "Hugo Broos has also won many titles. I know I will have to do as good as them. Now, everybody in Bruges is very happy about me. Until the results aren't good anymore... But it's the dream of every coach to be the coach of Bruges or Anderlecht. I am the coach now, I have to take the consequences as well."

Ceulemans thinks the move of Aruna from Anderlecht to Lens is important. "Players who make goals or give assists are very important. But ofcourse, Goor is a reinforcement for them."

Ceulemans also talks about the attack of Anderlecht. "If Serhat plays, someone else will have to sit on the bench. Mpenza is a torture for every defence, and Jestrovic makes 20 goals, each season. Franky will have to make decisions."

"No, this job can't be underestimated", says Vercauteren. "But I won't stay first coach for ten years. Two years is good enough for me. Then I want to return to the youth again."

Do they want the title, or the second stage in the Champions League? "The second option", replies Ceulemans. "That's a deal! You can get the Champions League, we the title", reacts Vercauteren.

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