Serhat: "My reaction was wrong"

WEDNESDAY, 3 AUGUST 2005, 15:27 - Bacardiboy
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New striker Serhat Akin was very disappointed after he had to start on the bench against Neftchi Baku last week. He even threatened to break his contract. Now, the Turkish striker feels sorry for what he said.

"My reaction was wrong", admits Serhat. "I think I was just very tired. My girl friend and I had to organise our appartment. I shouldn't be mad at the coach. I should be mad at myself. If I am sitting on the bench, I just have to work harder", reacts the striker.

"But I don't think I have to proove Franky Vercauteren anything", states Serhat. "I made four goals during the preparation. But the team is more important than me", he concludes.

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