The winners of the quiz

WEDNESDAY, 4 MAY 2005, 20:12 - Bacardiboy
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The quiz season has come to an end. It was an exciting battle, with 5 leaders after 9 rounds. In the final round, two competitors lost the lead, so eventually Crocodile_dundee, Katrien and Easy1 had the maximum. Congratulations!

As the quiz-rules say, we had to make a draw to point out the winner of the quiz. here are the results:

1. Katrien - voucher of 25 euros for the fanshop
2. Easy1 - voucher of 10 euros for the fanshop

Most regular participants (each a voucher of 5 euros for the fanshop):
1. Crocodile_Dundee
2. Laurentlemauve
3. Louiske
4. Steiner
5. Tomasz76

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