Hoedt: "A lack of motivation"

WEDNESDAY, 3 AUGUST 2022, 22:36 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS As one of the more experienced players in the team, it is up to Wesley Hoedt to shake things up sometimes. Speaking to Sporza this afternoon, he spoke about the debacle against Cercle. "Someone like Teuma: he eats the grass and runs for his life," he said.

"It's time that games like Saturday's against Cercle Brugge are a thing of the past. That's just not possible," Hoedt told us. "What's the problem? It's hard to say, but I think it's a lack of motivation. Your own fighting spirit and your own pride that you have to bring every week, in that this group can still grow."

In other words: Anderlecht should take an example from yesterday's Union against Rangers. "True. They don't have more quality football-wise than us, but I saw someone like Teuma yesterday: he eats the grass and runs for his life. That group feeling, that honor of the team, that has to be much more with us instead of: I'm doing well."

"We have to do it with this group"

Then of course there is the question of whether this group of players is strong enough. Is Anderlecht further ahead than last season? "That's difficult to say. I like to keep my personal opinion to myself, but we have to do it with this group," said Hoedt. "There is enough quality anyway".

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