Mazzu: "I expect a reaction after Cercle"

WEDNESDAY, 3 AUGUST 2022, 22:34 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS A day before the European match against Paide Linnameeskund Anderlecht coach Felice Mazzu spoke to the press. The coach knows that against Paide of must. "It's important that we survive this round. And hopefully the next one too."

"We come here with respect for the opponent and certainly not with the idea that it will be easy," Mazzu told the press. "But we will do our best to win. I'm counting on all my players for that, not just the experienced guys. There is a lot of quality in our group, both in the younger and the experienced players."

Mazzu also talked about the defeat at Cercle on Saturday. "We were mentally not ready to play Cercle's game. Especially before halftime, afterwards there was the right mentality," the coach said. "I'm not going to doubt the qualities of my players now. It was just an off-day and I have discussed it with the group. I expect a reaction. Hopefully tomorrow against Paide."

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