Report about Sène and Anderlecht is not correct

TUESDAY, 5 JULY 2022, 10:47 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS Yesterday evening, the Swiss newspaper Blich published the news that striker Kaly Sène is about to move to Anderlecht. Numerous Belgian websites copied that news this morning. Meanwhile, Blich corrected itself: Sène would indeed move to Belgium, but not to Anderlecht.

At the end of April, it became known that Anderlecht showed interest in Sène, last season top scorer for Grasshoppers and owned by FC Basel. Yesterday evening, Blich published that the 20-year-old striker was about to move to Anderlecht for 2,5 million euro. The journalist in question also made a post about it on Twitter. Based on that post, many Belgian sites now write that Sène will come to Anderlecht.

However, who searches a bit further, like we did, on the website of Blich, will see the following addendum to the transfer report on Séne: "In a first version of this report it was stated that Sène would transfer to Anderlecht. But that is not the case. The 21-year-old is moving to Belgium, but it is not yet known to which club."

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