Official: Anderlecht hires Esposito with an option to buy

MONDAY, 4 JULY 2022, 16:03 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS Anderlecht have just officially announced the transfer of Sebastiano Esposito. The purple and white side are hiring the 20-year-old striker from Inter Milan and also have an option to buy him. "Sebastiano's qualities correspond well with Anderlecht's DNA", says CEO Peter Verbeke.

Esposito's transfer had been in the air for a while. It is because of the transfer of Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea to Inter that the latter wanted to wait with the announcement of Esposito's loan.

"Sebastiano is a young striker with great potential," said Verbeke. "He has great technical ability, is intelligent, thinks fast and can score as well as letting someone else score. He is strong in the combination and can also create something himself. All qualities that match well with Anderlecht's DNA."

"Only heard good things about Anderlecht"

"I'm really looking forward to playing for Anderlecht this season," Esposito said in an initial reaction. "I have only heard good things about this club and the way they manage to develop young players. I'm also happy that I can join the group early in the preparation, that way we can get ready for the start of the season together."

On its website, Inter writes that it has a buy-back option. The clubs do not communicate about the amount of the purchase option. According to Italian media it amounts to 10 million euros. Inter would also have a buy-back option of 11.5 million euros. 

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