Van Holsbeeck already in jail for sure until Monday

FRIDAY, 21 JANUARY 2022, 14:50 - lajoya
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OTHER The arrest of Herman Van Holsbeeck is completely unrelated to Propere Handen, where he will probably also be brought to trial. The case is not only about transfers but also about the sale of RSC Anderlecht where he would have tried to swindle Marc Coucke.

Van Holsbeeck is currently in prison in Saint-Gilles until Monday, when he has to appear before the Brussels chambers. Then he can either go home or his stay will be extended by another month.

Everything revolves around the transfers of Aleksander Mitrovic, Chancel Mbemba and Youri Tielemans, where he is alleged to have received unjustified commissions in a way that is not entirely clean.

But Van Holsbeeck would also have influenced the sale of RSC Anderlecht to Marc Coucke and tried to swindle Coucke. Van Holsbeeck is now in custody on suspicion of money laundering, tax fraud, passive corruption and association of criminals.

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