Refs heard nothing, police launches investigation

TUESDAY, 21 DECEMBER 2021, 18:43 - lajoya
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OTHER VTM journalist Jarno Bertho writes on Twitter that neither the referee nor the match delegate heard the racist remarks. Consequently, there is little chance it will be in the match report. However, the police will start an investigation. Meanwhile, a Club supporter confirmed the facts on Twitter.

According to Bertho, the first noises came during the warm-up and were directed to the Anderlecht bench players. Afterwards it was about things like 'brown monkeys'.

The police did not file an official report yet, but will take action. "We didn't get any mention of it in our command tower. Our soccer cell will investigate this further on Monday," said spokeswoman Lien Depoorter.

The Bruges mayor Dirk De fauw also says he heard nothing. "I was sitting above the dugout of Vincent Kompany and his staff," he said in Het Laatste Nieuws. "I myself have not heard that racist statements were made against Vincent Kompany. So it will be a few people who have made such statements and certainly not a large group of supporters."

"I heard black apes, black animals..."

On Twitter there is a Club supporter who confirms the statements of Kompany. "Club Brugge have top supporters, but a minority made it too much. I was in the North as always and heard 'black monkeys, black animals, ...'. Shameful, but again: a noisy minority. Vincent Kompany, courage. You don't deserve this."

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