Concentrated Anderlecht wins against Seraing

SUNDAY, 12 DECEMBER 2021, 18:04 - lajoya
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GAMES Anderlecht delivered a fine performance at Seraing. It won 0-5 and left some chances unused. At the halftime signal, it was already 0-3. Seraing, that was only eliminated by Purple and White after penalty kicks in the cup, was defenceless this time.

Anderlecht and Seraing recently met each other for the cup. At that time Anderlecht started very weak and Seraing was leading 2-0 after fifteen minutes. This time the situation was the other way around and purple and white were deservedly leading with 0-2 after 18 minutes. Zirkzee had already shown the intentions of Purple and White after five minutes with a shot, but when Refaelov kicked a big chance just wide in minute 12, the alarm sounded in the Liège defence anyway.

Seraing's recipe was simple: launch their dangerous and fast strikers as soon as possible. Anderlecht put on a good pressure and didn't make any mistakes at the back. It struck twice in two minutes. Murillo didn't get past Dietsch, but Kouyamé followed well and kicked the 0-1 into goal. Immediately afterwards Verschaeren and Gomez combined. Refaelov tapped in the Spaniard's cross at the first pole. The Golden Boot has now scored four goals in a row.

After the 0-2, the purple and white team crawled back a bit, although Seraing didn't get a single chance. Anderlecht was now looking for the counter-attack and also got chances. The best one was for Zirkzee who was able to score from an open goal, but his attempt went wide. After some bad defending by Seraing, the Dutchman still brought Anderlecht to 0-3 before half-time with a hard shot high into the goal. A well-deserved big lead for Anderlecht at the halftime signal.

Anderlecht had to keep their concentration after the break. Refaelov hit the bar with a place ball. Anderlecht kept everything under control, but knew it didn't necessarily have to with this score. Still, it was dangerous on a regular basis. Just after the hour, substitute Ait El Hadj kicked just wide. 

Fifteen minutes before the end, it was the same Ait El Hadj who could score a fourth time after Dietsch failed to control his shot. After some foul play on the right, substitute Marius for Seraing had the first chance ten minutes before the end, but Van Crombrugge saved appropriately. In the closing stages goalkeeper Dietsch was severely punished with a red card after he pulled Raman down. Because all the substitutions had already been made, Pierrot took Dietsch's place. Raman did not fail and Paars-wit led 0-5. Goalkeeper Pierrot didn't have to come into action anymore and that's how Anderlecht defeated Seraing with forfeit figures.

Anderlecht almost go eliminated in Seraing, but learned from its mistakes. It left the home team no room and immediately went on the attack itself. Seraing didn't have any answer this time and were lucky Anderlecht didn't take any chances. Five different players found their way to the goal tonight. A strong performance by the purple and white team that, for once, didn't have any relapse in the match. Of course, they made it easy for themselves by already having a comfortable lead at half-time. Anderlecht takes on STVV on Tuesday in their own house. Mathematically, it climbs to fourth place, but Charleroi still needs three points after the stalemate at Standard.

Score: 0-5
Goal(s): 0-1 Kouamé 16', 0-2 Refaelov 18', 0-3 Zirkzee 43', 0-4 Ait El Hadj 72', 0-5 Raman 84' (pen)

Seraing:Dietsch, Faye, Bernier, Kilota (Lahssaini 61'), Del Fabro, Poaty (Mansoni 74'), Boulenger (Djedje 61'), Cissé (Pierrot 61'), Jallow, Maziz (Marius 67'), Mikautadze
Anderlecht:Van Crombrugge, Murillo, Magallan, Hoedt, Gomez (Mykhailichenko 75'), Cullen, Olsson (Ashimeru 59'), Refaelov (Ait El Hadj 59'), Verschaeren (Amuzu 70'), Zirkzee, Kouamé (Raman 70')

Yellow: Olsson 28', Ashimeru 60'
Red: Dietsch 82'

Referee: Jan Boterberg
Stadium: Stade du Pairay

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