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GAMES Anderlecht qualified for the quarterfinals of the Belgian Cup against Seraing. After 120 minutes, it was 3-3. In the penalty shootout, Anderlecht scored four out of five.

In an atmospheric Stade du Pairay, Seraing immediately showed its good intentions. That resulted in two penalty kicks for the home team. First, Magallan made a fault, then Refaelov let his foot hang down. Maziz and Mikautadze took both gifts with both hands: 2-0 after fifteen minutes of play.

After the double deficit Anderlecht monopolized the ball and Seraing folded back. That didn't result in many chances. Seraing put a lot of pressure and a too predictable Anderlecht hardly found the space. Until Mansoni, shortly before half-time, was rattled by Murillo. The latter played the ball back to Kouamé and the Ivorian kicked in the goal. And he did more: two minutes later he headed a measured cross from Verschaeren past Dietsch. 2-2 at halftime.

After the break Anderlecht also got a penalty after a foul on Refaelov. The Golden Boot put himself behind the ball and didn't fail: 2-3. Whoever thought Anderlecht would go all the way, was disappointed. The defence let themselves be caught off guard again and Maziz equalized with his second of the evening: 3-3. The equalizer gave Seraing courage again. The game was going well up and down with two teams looking for a win. Sloppiness in the last minute, however, prevented us from creating any big chances. So, extensions.

 Anderlecht started the two times 15 minutes extra eagerly. Verschaeren aimed the first chance at Dietsch. Not much later, however, Refaelov dropped out with a buttock injury. In the extensions, Anderlecht piled up the sloppiness. It was a bit of a scare when Magallan missed, but fortunately the Argentine was able to turn it into a corner kick. In the very last minutes Anderlecht went looking for the 3-4. Without result.

Penalty kicks had to indicate a winner. The first three were missed, but then they went in quickly. At 3-3, Murillo got the chance to decide the match and he didn't fail. 3-4 and Anderlecht goes to the next round.

Score: 3-3
Goal(s): 10' Maziz (1-0, pen.), 17' Mikautadze (2-0, pen.), 39' Kouamé (2-1), 41' Kouamé (2-2), 50' Refaelov (2-3, pen.), 60' Maziz (3-3)
Penalty kicks: Del Fabro (miss), Gomez (miss), Nadrani (miss), Amuzu (0-1), Sanogo (1-1), Cullen (1-2), Mikautadze (2-2), Verschaeren (2-3), Maziz (3-3), Murillo (3-4)

Seraing:Dietsch, Nadrani, Del Fabro, Faye (111' Pierrot), Bernier (61' Lahssaini), Cissé, Kilota, Poaty (7' Sambu Mansoni), Jallow (102' Sanogo), Maziz, Mikautadze
Anderlecht:Van Crombrugge, Murillo, Magallan, Hoedt, Gomez, Cullen, Kana (77' Ashimeru), Refaelov (98' Ait El Hadj), Verschaeren, Zirkzee (70' Amuzu), Kouamé

Yellow: 79' Maziz, 90' Lahssaini, 118' Sanogo
Red: /

Referee: Bert Put
Stadium: Stade du Pairay

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