Everyone angry at Raman

WEDNESDAY, 24 NOVEMBER 2021, 14:32 - lajoya
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OTHER Last Sunday, RSC Anderlecht came out better after the break and the equalizer came not long after it. The team kept up the pace until Benito Ramen stupidly picked up a red card on the hour. And he was not thanked for that, not by his teammates and certainly not by Vincent Kompany.

Wesley Hoedt also said at his press conference that they would have won if Raman hadn't gotten a red card.

At that same press conference it was also clear that Kompany was not happy about that moment. Raman can therefore expect a firm scolding. "I can't laugh about this red card but I don't want to react too much now, we are still in full emotion after the match. But there will be some talks about this.

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