Van Crombugge to save a point in extra time

MONDAY, 1 NOVEMBER 2021, 01:16 - Skyhawk
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GAMES Anderlecht lost points again in the match against OH Leuven. The game ended on a 2-2 draw, but the Mauves escaped from worse after being two goals behind and with Van Crombrugge saving a penalty in the very last second.

The Mauves took a terrible start and OHL overpowered Anderlecht in the first 15 minutes. That was enough for the visitors to score twice: Kaba headed a good center past Van Crombrugge after just five minutes. Maertens doubled the lead with a shot perfectly into the corner after 14 minutes. 

It took some time for Anderlecht to respond, but in minute 40 Zirkzee took a goal back. OH Leuven had been under pressure for a while then, but kept being dangerous on the counter attack.

Anderlecht pushed the visitors back in the second half. Hoedt scored the 2-2 but the VAR had seen a slight push leading up to the goal and intervened. The VAR intervened again a bit later when they noticed Murillo giving a push with this elbow to Dewaest: red and Anderlecht down to ten.

Even with 10 players, the home side was the most dangerous team but it had to wait until minute 93 for the equaliser (Zirkzee again). Meanhwile, Van Crombrugge had saved to open chances of OHL on the counter. And Van Crombrugge would become even more the hero of the match. Just one minute after the equaliser, he saved another effort but was beaten on the rebound. Ashimeru saved the ball from the goal line with his hand though: red and penalty, but Van Crombrugge would go on saving the penalty as well resulting in a 2-2 final score.


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