Veldman: "Trebel is very valuable for us"

MONDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2021, 18:57 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS How would it be with Adrien Trebel? Good, according to U21 coach Robin Veldman in an interview with Bruzz. According to Veldman, Trebel is a great asset to his young group. "Our talents can learn a lot from how he does things," says Veldman.

In July Anderlecht told Trebel to leave. In the meantime he has to train with the U21. He does so with great commitment. "Trebel is very motivated," Veldman says. "He is a great example of how to take care of yourself."

Trebel not only takes care of himself, but also of his team mates. "In the gym he guides guys and gives them tips. On the field, he coaches a lot. Often it's in French and I don't understand everything. Then I ask what he says to check it out, but by now I know that what he shares with us is very valuable," Veldman said. "Our talents can learn a lot from how he does things."

Veldman praises Trebel's professionalism and sees that his young players can learn a lot from him. "Take his match preparation against Zulte. In a locker room in Wolvertem, he's lying next to the massage table doing exercises, he's against the shower wall doing exercises to open up his groin. In the locker room there is a bicycle so he can stay active during half time. There are still players who just warm up, play and are done with it. Then when you look at Trebel, how he prepares for a game, that is very valuable for our players."

"Playing minutes as a reward"

Last week's game against Zulte, by the way, was the first that Trebel played along with the U21. "Trebel is a guest with us. I am good to my guests if my guest is good to me. He is really doing an excellent job. That's why I also think we can reward him with playing minutes like last week against Zulte Waregem."

"That he can play 90 minutes is because he trains so well. Trebel brings grinta in the training sessions and aggressiveness in the duels. For players like Theo Leoni and Noah Sadiki, he is a mentor at that position.""

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