Van Holsbeeck already accused of tampering in 2013

MONDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2021, 18:29 - lajoya
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OTHER Already in 2013, the Cell for Financial Information Processing handed over a report to the public prosecutor's office in which it states that in three transfers that Herman Van Holsbeeck arranged, black money was paid and part of it flowed back to the Anderlecht director. This is evident from documents that De Morgen was able to review.

The Financial Intelligence Processing Unit (CFI) is a body that annually receives thousands of tips on financial malpractices. It investigates these and if it can compile a file, it passes it on to the public prosecutor. The latter can then conduct a real, legally grounded investigation. In 2013 CTIF-CFI already made a report on the financial malpractices of Dejan Veljkovic.

Herman Van Holsbeeck is also mentioned in this report. The sources of the report claim Veljkovic and Van Holsbeeck "illegally enriched themselves on several transfers of Anderlecht", writes De Morgen. The transfers of Milan Jovanovic, Jonathan Legear and Gohi Bi Cyriac are mentioned. According to the report, those transfers "would have involved certain amounts being paid with dirty money and part of it being paid back to Van Holsbeeck." The transfers of Jovanovic and Legear were arranged by Veljkovic, those of Cyriac by Mogi Bayat.

When De Morgen called him for a comment, Van Holsbeeck denies it. He claims to have no knowledge of the report in question. "I am not going to comment further and I will defend myself fully in court. I have every confidence in the judiciary," is all he wanted to say.


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