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MONDAY, 20 SEPTEMBER 2021, 17:04 - lajoya
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GAMES An early goal by Lior Refaelov gave Anderlecht the victory against Standard, which received a red card after only six minutes. Anderlecht played sloppy and encountered a good Bodart, so Standard stayed in the match, although it didn't really get a chance. In the final phase, Standard was shown red again, but Anderlecht was satisfied with the 0-1.

The game had only been going on for six minutes when the young Al-Dakhil controlled the ball badly and Verschaeren was able to go to goal. Laforge gave him the red card, which left Standard with ten men very early. Refaelov's free kick ended in the wall. Anderlecht waited and broke out when possible. In the twelfth minute Refaelov saw his chance and opened the score for the Purple & White. Anderlecht then showed themselves merciful in their best period of the game. Murillo put in a good cross, but no one in the center could decide for an almost open goal. On the corner that followed, Bodart was just able to stop the deflected ball.

Standard kept trying with long balls towards the strikers. Harwood-Bellis did not have an easy time in the duels with Klauss. It was only after half an hour that Standard was able to threaten a bit for the first time, but Amallah's header went wide. Ten minutes before half-time, Standard broke out quickly, but Muleka missed his shot completely. Anderlecht themselves played too sloppy in the zone of truth and went into halftime with a 0-1 lead.

After the break, Klauss showed twice that Standard was far from giving in. A goal by Refaelov was disallowed because the ball had rolled over the line on the pass of substitute Mykhailichenko. Anderlecht lacked the necessary refinement to convert potential opportunities into goal opportunities. Just after the hour, Kouamé did get a great chance, but Bodart saved with the foot. Standard stayed in the match because of his goalkeeper, but also still because of the poor play of the Purple & White.

Twenty minutes before the end, Standard insisted with a few corner kicks. A low shot by the Tunisian Rafia forced Van Crombrugge to make his first intervention of the match. When Kouamé served Raman, Bodart was in good spirits again. Seven minutes before time, substitute Fai also received a red card. He went too high with the foot forward into Olsson's thigh. But it was still only 0-1 and Anderlecht even let themselves be chased by nine Rouches in the final phase. Standard, however, got no further than a free kick into the wall.
Anderlecht won the classico in unusual circumstances. Refaelov's goal turned out to be of gold value, because against ten men Anderlecht got no further than three big opportunities. Regardless of the mediocre game, these are of course three points in a very difficult game. Anderlecht can go for nine out of nine on Thursday when they play the postponed game against Ghent. But then it will have to perform better.

Score: 0-1
Goal(s): 0-1 Refaelov (12')

Standard: Bodart, Siquet, Al-Dakhil, Gavory (69' Peeters), Nkounkou (69' Fai), Cimirot (12' Ngoy), Raskin, Bastien (69' Rafia), Amallah, Muleka (87' Dragus), Klauss
RSC Anderlecht: Van Crombrugge, Murillo, Harwood-Bellis, Hoedt, Gomez (46' Mykhailichenko), Olsson, Cullen, Refaelov (60' Amuzu), Ait El Hadj (70' Ashimeru), Verschaeren (70' Raman), Kouamé ( 87' Zirkzee)

Yellow: 16' Leye, 23' Harwood-Bellis, 36' Klauss, 66' Nkounkou, 81' Fai, 89' Zirkzee, 89' Ashimeru
Red: 6' Al-Dakhil, 83' Fai

Referee: Nicolas Laforge
Stadium: Sclessin

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