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FRIDAY, 13 AUGUST 2021, 18:47 - lajoya
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GAMES Without much effort Anderlecht has qualified for the next round of the Conference League. Amuzu and Verschaeren converted the Purple & White's predominance into a reassuring lead, the 2-1 saving the honor was purely for the statistics.

With last week's large 0-3 bonus in his pocket, coach Vincent Kompany let a few boys rest. This is how Ait El Hadj got his chance. He started well and eagerly, but then faded a bit. As expected, the ball and the ascendancy was for Anderlecht. That did not lead to many chances. Raman first found goalkeeper Sherri in his way, but afterwards his ball did reach Amuzu and he put the 1-0 on the board. We also went into halftime with that position.

After the break, Gomez and Olsson were also allowed to rest. For example, Mykhaylichenko and Kana each got half a game. Anderlecht switched gears after the break and so Laçi got some small opportunities. Twenty minutes before the end, however, Verschaeren secured the victory. The substitute got a deep ball from the strong playing Cullen. Five minutes before the end, Lushkja saved the honor with a nice shot.

Anderlecht go on smoothly to the fourth and last preliminary round. The Dutch Vitesse are waiting there. Only blemish: the Purple & White took four yellow cards after the three last week tonight.

Score: 2-1
Goal(s): 32' Amuzu (1-0), 71' Verschaeren (2-0), 85' Lushkja (2-1)

Anderlecht: Van Crombrugge, Sardella, Harwood-Bellis, Hoedt, Gomez (46' Mykhaylichenko), Cullen, Olsson (46' Kana), Ait El Hadj (81' Bundu), Amuzu, Raman (57' Verschaeren), Kiese Thelin ( 89' Stroeykens)
Laçi: Sherri, Agnjatovic, Malota, Velija (87' Sulovari), Roganovic, Zarubica, Lushkja (87' Arb. Deliu), Shehu, Ademi (59' Ziko), Guindo, Zilfiu (79' Qato)

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