Verschaeren: "I know well enough why I am not in the selection"

WEDNESDAY, 2 JUNE 2021, 11:17 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Yari Verschaeren is ultimately not with the Red Devils, but with the national U21. He himself knows very well why he did not make it to the selection, but the goal is to be there at the World Cup in Qatar. Meanwhile, his contract extension with RSC Anderlecht continues to drag on.

No, there is still no green light regarding Verschaeren's contract extension at Anderlecht. That will not happen immediately either, as the midfielder is currently preparing the move to Kazakhstan with the national U21. Despite the missed European Championship, he is looking forward to the match with the national U21. "It is an important match and I am really looking forward to it. Disappointed that I am not with the Red Devils? Not really no, I would have liked to go, of course. But I also know well enough why I am not there and understand the choices of Roberto Martinez."

"Of course the goal is to be there in Qatar for the World Cup. But for now I am the number one supporter of the Red Devils."

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