Doku: "Kompany was everything to me"

FRIDAY, 26 MARCH 2021, 18:23 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Jérémy Doku scored his first goal for Rennes just before his trip to the Red Devils. Dries Mertens previously stated in an interview that all mouths fall open when Doku shoots off the starting blocks at the Belgian training camp.

Doku is currently with the Belgian selection for the planned international matches. He still follows RSC Anderlecht, although the contact with his ex-coach is less.

"I still try to see every match of Anderlecht. They don't always get what they deserve. Don't really have much contact with Vincent Kompany, we are both busy. But as a coach he was everything to me. His experience, his tactical insight was very good. He was also one of the few who knew how to handle me and how to put me in my place. "

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