"Leaving Anderlecht hurt me"

MONDAY, 25 JANUARY 2021, 19:23 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Jérémy Doku doesn't not miss a single RSC Anderlecht match in France. He does not regret his move, although the departure in Brussels did hurt him. And one thing is for sure, he will return to say goodbye in a full stadium.

Doku moved with his brother to France because there is currently nothing to do there. The curfew starts at 6 pm in France. After training and playing, he spends his days on the Playstation, watching the matches of RSC Anderlecht and calling friends.

"I watch all the games of RSC Anderlecht. They have been doing well for some time, but they still too often have to deal with setbacks. But when I see how they play, it really pleases me. Especially the game against Charleroi because Amuzu scored. Now, the outside world also sees the Amuzu I know from childhood. Just like Anouar Ait El Hadj, also someone to look forward to. "

"We still send each other regularly. I made friends for life at Anderlecht, so my departure there hurt. It was as if I left my friends. Anderlecht will always remain the team of my heart. I will definitely return, to say goodbye in a stadium full of supporters.

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