Anderlecht wins with 2-0

MONDAY, 14 SEPTEMBER 2020, 10:42 - lajoya
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GAMES Second victory of the season for Anderlecht after a solid match. It controlled almost the entire game and scored once in each half via Nmecha and Murillo. The score could have been higher, but Didillon did some good saves. It was Kompany's his first victory as a head coach.

The first half brought what we have seen many times this season: Anderlecht with a lot of ball possession, but with very little danger. Within fifteen minutes, Vranjes headed over and Doku's shot was too central. Fortunately, there was Percy Tau again. The South African passed to Nmecha, but the German striker missed the target. In minute 21, Tau aimed just wide after the Doku had put the ball back and Nmecha passed to Tau. Just before that, Cercle had showed itself for the first time, but Musaba missed his shot completely.

Just like in the previous home match, Anderlecht took the lead via a penalty kick. Bakkali played to Tau who was pulled down by Bates. Laforge went to look at the screen again to be sure, but Nmecha took the penalty and shot it hard and clean in the bottom corner. Cercle threatened again, but again Musaba was unable to frame his shot.

 After the break, Anderlecht tried to push through. Bakkali got a good chance, but placed wide. Just before the hour, Murillo hit Didillon's fists. Without a shot, Cercle tried to get into the game a little better. On the other side, Nmecha came just a little too short to touch a low cross from Murillo. Trebel's shot landed just wide through Cercle defender Ueda. Didillon had to save again on a hard shot from Nmecha. The next time it was goal. Trebel played a free kick quickly to Murillo. The Panamanian appeared in front of goal and scored the 2-0.

Van Crombrugge suddenly had to show himself when Ugbo tried to defeat him with a lob ball. Verschaeren and Bundu then came to reinforce the team and Bakkali and Doku were taken to the side. Cercle, meanwhile, continued to do minor but nasty faults. Doku and Lokonga in particular were the favorite 'targets' of the Cercle players. Tau had a big chance to make it 3-0, but Didillon made an excellent save with his leg. Verschaeren was also unable to score. Tau neatly offered him the third goal after a nice action, but the Red Devil shot over.

 This time Anderlecht kept the zero and Cercle was sent home scoreless.

Score: 2-0
Goal(s):1-0 Nmecha (35 'Pen), 2-0 Murillo (66')

Anderlecht: Van Crombrugge, Murillo, Luckassen, Vranjes, Mickhaylichenko, Sambi Lokonga, Trebel, Tau, Doku (Bundu 79 '), Bakkali (Verschaeren 74'), Nmecha (El Hadj 88 ')
Cercle Bruges: Didillon, Bates, Ueda, Decostere, Hotic, Musaba (Hazard 66 '), Vanhoutte, Omolo (Kanouté 58'), Hoggas, Ugbo, Corryn

Yellow: Bates (32 '), Omolo (37'), Vranjes (42 '), Vanhoutte (58'), Kanouté (82 ')
Red: /

Referee: Laforge
Stadium: Lotto Park

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