"We don't talk much about profit since March"

THURSDAY, 10 SEPTEMBER 2020, 19:37 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS Sunday we will have the first home game of the season with supporters in Lotto Park. But that does not make the loss of the club any less: there are a lot of safety regulations and costs involved: "The word profit has not been used here since March".

14,000 red stickers and 150 liters of alcohol gel are present in the Lotto Park on Sunday. The substitutes will no longer be sitting in the stands, the players themselves have asked for that. Plexiglass is now placed between the seats in the dug-out, so that players and staff can sit next to each other.

"It was the demand of the players to sit next to each other again. And even though they all form one bubble together, we don't take any risks. For a football player it is mentally difficult to sit in the stands. By doing this, we also create extra space in the stands for the supporters ", explains Karel Van Eetvelt.

Cercle Bruges

Tickets are still available for the game  against Cercle Brugge, so those who want to can still register. You cannot register for the next home game afterwards, unless places are still open after a fe days.

Van Eetvelt even has high hopes of expanding the number of supporters if everything goes well on Sunday: "It is better to start now with too little than with too much. The supporters must also keep their face mask on during the entire game. And there must always be a seat in between. even between father and son, for example. But there will already be some atmosphere ".

"We will also open all stands, all toilets, all car parks and all entrances to ensure smooth circulation. Paper mouth masks are available and at the entrances mouth masks with the RSC Anderlecht logo will be sold. At the bars where drinks are bought, we created roundabouts. You can queue along the right, pay contactless and then return to your seat through the other side. All drinks must be consumed at your own seat.

No profit

Not yet a full stadium, but the Purple & White must appeal to all the available stewards because they now have to ensure that all measures are complied with. The club will not make a profit yet, but the loss will be a bit lower. And Van Eetvelt is optimistic about the future.

"On Tuesday we will evaluate everything with the government. Who knows, maybe we will be able to gradually increase the number of fans in the coming weeks."

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