Mauves protest at the federal building due to the competition hours

FRIDAY, 10 JULY 2020, 11:55 - Macuz
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OTHER Many football fans and the body of supported expressed disapproval of the new Belgian football schedule on Wedenesday. Mauvas Army 2003, Anderlecht's most fanatical fan club, did not put in words and went to the federal building with a banner.

Here is the message from Mauves Army 2003:

On Wednesday, a symbolic action took place under the leadership of the group. With the banner addressed to the Pro League and Eleven Sport, we would like to demonstrate our surprise and disapproval of the new start times for the next season.

This decison is veri typical of what has happened in Belgian football. Decisions are made by bureaucrats who may never have stepped on a stadium. Also, decisions are made without first consulting or questioning the peopel involved, who are the fans. Whether it's the schedules or reopening of the stages (for wicht there are meetings with the clubs, the football club, the police... Don't you miss one of the most important pawns here?)

Dear eleven gentlemen, gentlemen or the Pro League, don't forget that the football, especially in Belgium, lives thanks to the thousand of fans who come to the stadium every weekend. At a time when popular polls have becomen part of bussines and society, it is time for them to finally make the effort to consult and questons fans.

You pretend to make football dynamic, but you destroy it!


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