"I want to join artists who work hard"

WEDNESDAY, 8 JULY 2020, 12:40 - Macuz
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OTHER Those who that the Anderlecht communication cells also went to vacation on July 1, were surprised yesterday. During the day, the club posted a video message from Vincent Kompany. The goal: to drive subscription sales.

The Anderlecht communication service has recived a lot of criticism in recent days because it reported on Saturday's the exhibition game against Charleroi. But don't worry, they don't stay still. They work with all their might to convince as many fans as possible to buy a subscription. Vincent Kompany was released today.

The driving force behind the Project reached out to Anderlecht fans via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The text message accompanying the video: 'Extend your subscription before the end of the week at rsca.be/abo

Kompany's literal words in the video

"We are often seen as fancy supporters who are only there when things are going well. I've seen the opposite. I honestly didn't expect it to be that intense. If the fans were so powerful behind the club, they would show that on the field as well".

"Anderlecht remains Anderlecht. At Anderlecht there is always more to count. The result and the path. I want an Anderlecht with artist, but with artist who work hard. This team has enormous potential. We have something to offer that the others not. We want a hungry team, it is moving, I can tell you that the staff and the players are ready".

"For Brussels resident, the need for more is always there. We have a slightly more complex life. We are stuck twice more in traffic jams. So the need, the desire is always there".



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