Pro League workgroup analyzes the number of spectators

FRIDAY, 12 JUNE 2020, 15:07 - Macuz
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INTERVIEWS - OTHER A full Lotto Park during a home game will not be inmediate. But there is a limited numbers of followers. A Pro League workgroup is now examining modalities, suchs as the influx of followers and the maximun numbers that can be entered.

All the mass events are banned until August 31, but Minister Ben Weyts has already suggested the option of allowing a limited number of fans to enter the stadiums from August 7. He speaks of 2,000 fans, although that number may be higher through family bubbles.

Some first-class players are already examining this scenario, and according CEO Karel Van Eetvelt, the capacity of Lotto Park would be 4,000 to 5,000 people.

Naturally, the influx of fans to the stadium, ticket control, health and consumer policy must also be consider. Many aspects where social distancing must continue to be respected.

"Whe you do the math, you may wonder if the cabbage is worth", Van Eetvelt is honest about all the stpes that need to be taken, "but playin for a limited audience also has an emotional argument, if only out of respect for people who do everything possible to support a club".

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