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WEDNESDAY, 3 JUNE 2020, 13:13 - Macuz
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OTHER During the Anderlecht Board of Directors meeting, some importants decision were made. For example, there is 20 millions euros of fresh capita, Michael Verschueren leaves the administration of the club and the "RSCA '20-25'" plan, with Wouter Vandenhaute as president, was unanimously approved.

To combat the consecuences of the COVID-19, the broad members decided to free 70 million euros for Anderlecht. Most of this must to come from debt rescheduling, but 20 million of fresh capital from sharesholder, Vandenhaute and Kompany.

Since Peter Verbeke's arrival in March, it was clear that the role of Michael Verschueren would dercrease in management. Verschueren effectively leaves the administration, but remains as director of Purple & White. He will also continue to excercise his mandates with UEFA and the ECA. Verschueren aslo wants to act as a kind of link between the new management and the shareholders who have been investing in Anderlecht for some time. The club thanks Verschueren for all is efforts in difficult circunstances and is grateful that he wants continue as director.

A structur with a strict separation between the club administration and the board will be developed shortly.

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