Today the board must ratify the change of president

TUESDAY, 2 JUNE 2020, 15:10 - Macuz
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OTHER Today, the Anderlecht board of directors meets and mus formally approve the changes announced last week at the top of the clu. According to Het Nieuwsblad, this does not appear to be an obvious decision. Especially share purchase by Vincent Kompany and Wouter Vandenhaute could be a dificult story.

Marc Coucke and his business partner Joris Ide own 74% of the shares. The rest are divided between Etiene Davignon, Alexandre Van Damme, Johan Beerlandt, Jo Van Biesbroeck, Michael Verschueren and the daughters of Roger Vanden Stock. According to Het Nieuwsblad, both Ide and the small sharedholders do not intend to sell their shares with high losses.

So you have Couck to sell shares. But the club's bylaws state that when a share is sold, the other shareholders have a preemptive right. The Couck - Vandenhaute - Kompany - Van Eetvelt quartet, must convince them to let the share cup pass to Kompany and Vandenhaute can buy.

Another option is create additional shares by converting debts into shares. This requires 3/4 majority. According to Het Nieuwsblad, this will be very dificult because the other shareholders will see their package of shares diluted.

The Vandamme - Beerland duo were also working on a plan to get Anderlecht out of the impasse.

Source: Het NIeuwsblad (Jurgen Geril y Dimitri Thijskens)

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