RKC wants to keep Delcroix longer

THURSDAY, 30 APRIL 2020, 09:32 - lajoya
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TRANSFERS Hannes Delcroix left on a rental basis at the beginning of this season to RKC Waalwijk. The Eredivisie has officially ended its season, but RKC will resume training today and focuses on the next season. That includes Delcroix, according to General Manager Frank van Mosselveld.

Mosselveld now has the time to prepare for next season. After all, it is not yet known when that will start and whether or not it will be with the crowd. RKC also hires Delcroix: "So we are dependent on RSC Anderlecht to take over Delcroix definitively."

Delcroix was already on the list at RSC Anderlecht for players who are allowed to leave. So there is a good chance that both teams will reach an agreement.

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