Van Crombrugge: "Strongly fought victory"

FRIDAY, 6 DECEMBER 2019, 23:55 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS The players were very relieved after the final whistle of referee Lawrence Visser. Hendrik Van Crombrugge is also convinced of a deserved victory they fought for. The last fifteen minutes were still exciting, but Anderlecht showed strong mental strength.

"There was only one thing that counted today and that was reaching the quarter-finals of the Cup," says Van Crombrugge, "It was a fiercely won victory and deserved qualification for us."

The supporters made themselves heard after the failure at Ostend: "And that reaction has caused something in the group. We gave them the best possible answer today. We have shown that after a blow we have mental strength and resilience. That is something we can continue to build on. "

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