"No penalty because Roofe hit Vandendriessche"

TUESDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2019, 19:03 - lajoya
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INTERVIEWS After Kemar Roofe kicked his penalty kick on Ostend goalkeeper William Dutoit, referee Nicolas Laforge gave another penalty. At the request of the VAR, he went to view the images and canceled the eleven meter. Correct, says the Professional Refereeing Department now.

"After seeing the images, the referee decided to cancel both the penalty kick and the yellow card given earlier. The ref resumed the game with a direct free kick for KV Oostende because striker Roofe Oostende had kicked Vandendriessche on the leg. It was a correct VAR intervention and a correct final decision of the referee ", so it sounds.

The Professional Refereeing Department also reports that the first penalty kick, called for hand play, was correct. "This decision was confirmed by the VAR."

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