Rapid - RSCA: 0 - 0

WEDNESDAY, 30 JULY 2003, 22:45 - Maarten
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Perhaps Anderlecht played this evening at 20 o'clock the most important meetings of the season. The game ended on an undecided 0-0.

Anderlecht could not score against Rapid Bucharest. They must now watch out that they hold a clean-sheet in the replay. Anderlecht had a few chances to score, but they could never finish the chances. Jestrovic got a chance before the half time after a beautiful pass of Seol, but he shooted to fast
Anderlecht controlled the game, assigned however thoughtlessly its chances. Rapid Bucharest was dangerous for the goal of Zitka with the talented Bratu as well as by the young Niculae. A right shot of Niculae went highly over the goal.

In the second half time the game presented no longer much. There were only a few chances, which did not bring any longer much. Both teams were well organized. In the last minute Bucharest almost took the victory with a good header.

Rapid Bucharest: Dossey, Iencsi, Maftei, Perja, Badoi, Ilyes (78' Makinwa), Soava, Ziyati, Godfroid, Bratu, Niculae (59' Lutu)
Anderlecht: Zitka, Doll, Kompany, Tihinen, Deschacht, Lovre, Hasi, Baseggio, Seol, Aruna, Jestrovic (76' Mornar)

Yellow: Badoi, Soava, Ziyati, Kompany, Baseggio
Referee: Anton Stredak (Svk)
Stadium: Stadionul National Lia Manoliu

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